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Communication of ninja

It is said that the ninja used special codes and secret languages that only ninjas in the same group can understand.

Secret languages

Ninjas used a secret language called “Ingo”. This Ingo are words to reach only the authorized person. It may be said that it was very important to ninjas which conveyed information that are not allowed to reach the enemy. However, there are only a few information about Ingo, which means that there are lots of things that we still do not know about Ingo.


Ninjas used a special code in letters that only an authorized person that are in the same group. The ninja managed various codes skillfully.

Spread five colors of rice; Goshiki-mai

Ninjas were able to show more than 100 meanings by the combinations of rice colored in red, blue, yellow, purple, black. They did not have to worry that the rice being eaten by insects and birds because of the color.

However, they were not able to express complicated information only with these 5 colored rice. In those cases, they used “Shinobi Japanese alphabets” and “ancient Japanese characters”.

Shinobi Japanese alphabet

The Shinobi Japanese alphabet expressed 47 Japanese alphabet characters and the last letter "ん". They made special kanji characters for only to use in these cases.

Shindai letters

Shindai letters are the letters which were used in B.C. 660, since before Emperor Jinmu; the first Emperor in Japan. However, kanji characters were introduced from China, and this had made the Shindai letters disappear from ancient literatures. Therefore it was most suitable because no one could understand these ancient letters.


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