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Welcome to "Ninja Lurking In History" !

 What is your image about the ninja? Many people have a wrong image about ninjas.
I really arrested a ninja for the vague image that was not right, after interviewing our friend and teachers of the school, of 70% "had the "throwing knife image and superhuman ability beyond the Olympian" that I threw a lot" in ninjas.

In addition, most of the answer of the teachers of the foreigner has the image, “character of the animated cartoon" or,” Japanese historical people which has superhuman ability".
In fact, we had a wrong knowledge about the ninjas before making this site.

Ninjas are very interesting, when you know about them. I proudly think that if you read this website, you could know why ninjas are been introduced by various media, such as movies, animations, comics, and video games.

In this site, we gathered up things which we had examined. We had made this site uncomplicated as possible, so we strongly believe that your know about the ninjas more well.
Now, please read this site, and make your knowledge deeper !

In this bottom, we are explaining the basics of the contents in the future briefly. Now, please scroll the page, and look.



Ninjas were collecting information that the enemy has by changing their clothing and how they look. They had made friends with the enemy sometimes too.


Ninjas had did body guards of their “V.I.P.” s.


Assassinations were one of their duties, but we don’t normally hear “people that was killed by ninjas”, so we could think that people killed by ninjas were just a few.
We still do not know if ninjas actually assassinated people.

In conclusion, ninjas had did everything that is about war. They also made schemes and destroyed things as if needed. These are things that special forces of armies today.

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